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Hello all, just joined Keysight to better understand the electronics and measurement world. Very cool stuff out there! It also gives you the ability to see some of the latest test equipment and technologies that are available.

Keysight Webpage

More to come on this topic. I think I will bring up about the DRC snubber and capacitor multiplier on the livestream! I have really been digging into MOSFET switching. OMG, I mean crazy like here is my latest 8 channel mosfet switch circuit.

Example MOSFET Switch

Hey this is the latest version of my 8 channel switch. It is designed to be controlled from an arduino. Specifically, I will be using an ATTiny3226 to drive it.

3d Rendering of 8 Channel Switch
Main MOSFET Switch Matrix
IC MOSFET Drivers Matrix
Power Supply to get 10v Gate Voltage.

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