On startup I was getting a interesting core dump related to the DB for baloo on kde. I never dug into this before but here is what it does for KDE. In simple terms; simply, a file index service for search in KDE.

Apr 06 04:46:28 deb-ap systemd-coredump[1841]: [🡕] Process 1765 (baloo_file_extr) of user 1000 dumped core.

So I did a quick search on the web and came across this on ArchLinux.

So I did the commands recommended in that post

balooctl purge && balooctl enable

Interesting that this rebuilt the DB and eliminated the core dumps for me! So, ArchLinux has good advice again! It amazes me the amount of things that they cover and overall how much of an impact that has on the Linux community and user. Thanks for the fix Arch!

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