So, It has been a while and I have since rebuilt my wordpress site. This content is to replace the original and also add updates to the progress of this project. Overall, I did get to test the MegaSquirt on a 2003 F150 and it worked. Now, understand I did not pursue it very fall because I only added the Megasquirt to help diagnose an engine problem. Oh, I will add an article related to that debacle; spoiler, has to do with the passenger PVC valve. Yes, the one with the way to big vacuum line with a stupid rubber 90 in it!

Observed Problems on the 03 F150

  1. Speed was not showing correctly. Remember this setup includes both Mega and Micro Squirt communicating via can buss. More on that in another post in the future. Now this may have been a wire polarity issue. Or I needed a 1K shunt resistor across the wires from the ford speed sensor. More on that in the future as well.
  2. Tranmission shift patterns. This may simply be a documentation issue but for the 4R70W transissiion the MicroSquirt did not seem to have the correct selenoid shift patterns and digital range switch patterns as they actually are identical to the 4R100's.
    • 4R70W shift pattern schematic
  3. TPS was not always reporting back correctly. IDK much more other than in TS (Tuner Studio) it would not always show the press of the throttle.

Where am I on This Project

Not done that is for sure! However, good news is I have renewed my own interest in this project and really want to get the 99 Ford F150 running on the Mega/Micro Squirt combination. I know I am close to the basic tune. However, I just put a 4R70W in it and am in process of hooking up all of the wiring and sensors. Oh, also adding stainless short headers and stainless exhaust. Well mostly, I went cheap after the y pipe but will add stainless all the way in the future.

Original Pictures

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