Hello, here is a quick outline to remove a damaged Ceph node and osd. How does this happen. Well for example when a ProxMox server fails. How do you remove the bad references from Ceph so we can get on with it...

1. Make the OSD out for node to be removed, if node is already failed this step is not required
2. Login to shell and do the following

a. ceph osd crush remove osd.{id} =>> Here use the correct ID of the OSD, repeat steps for all OSD to be removed, dont use {} in the command
b. ceph osd crush rm <nodename> ==> Here you give the node to be removed

The above two shall remove the info from crush map. but you need to remove from ceph config also use the following

ceph osd rm osd.{id}
ceph auth del osd.{id}

If your node is not crashed, then first do the following before doing above steps

1. Take the OSD from GUI
2. Stop ceph services systemctl stop ceph.target

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