So, the John Pelosi attack is very strange. Personally, I think it was a gay rendezvous that went bad. Whatever, John and David were adults and can do whatever they would like to do. Like many things Democratic "never let a good disaster go to waste". Now they are attempting to spin it as right violence.

Some Holes

  1. Timeline of blog post
  2. Old blog post from 2007
    • Simply modify the wordpress db to put whatever in it to may a post. DB modification can be done at any date so just because the date states 2007 doe not really indicate it was posted in 2007. It may have been posted Oct 28 2022 and then made to look like it was written in 2007.

Do not be fooled by this crazy conspiracy to hide the truth. Something is fishy here!!!

October Surprise

An attempt to create a false flag to make up a story hurt the other party due to the November elections that are about to happen. Not sure? but you have the right to decide for yourself.

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