Debian 11 And Incredible PBX Part2

Part 2: Incredible PBX On Debian 11

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First, See part one if you have not setup the Incredible PBX on Debian 11. So, once that is done IncrediblePBX Debian 11 Part 2 helps complete all of the externals to the system. So, without these Incredible PBX is almost useless. Finally, if you would like to use go to this link. Note, the referral program gives me up to a $25 for offering this link.

If you do, THANKS!!!

Things To Know

HylaFax and AvantFax are not installed because there are issues installing on Debian 11. See this info. Note, If that link no longer works then maybe it is fixed so check out the article itself.

Setup to Incredible PBX

First, It is critical to setup DID provider. So, this relates back to Trunks within Incredible. Now, this is critical to getting calls in and out of PBX to DID provider. Then, they transmit the call according to their own network config to the POT or other SIP lines. Remember, these are outside of the scope of what matters to Incredible.


So, has two options for Trunks in Incredible. Well Actually three, as SIP can be broken down to two different ones in Incredible (chan_sip or pjsip) more on that in the next article. For now, I am going to give you the working one that I have tested and found stable IAX. Now, IAX works great for one DID and one Trunk. See; for some reason, it does not like to inbound calls if you have multiple DID’s. For reference, see here. In other words,

chan_sip wins for me

Ok, after much testing here is what I am doing with VoIP. SIP via chan_sip, all the other ways have been flaky. For example, with IAX I could only get one trunk to work well as stated in the striked out text above. Now, pjsip showed some promise, but it still was unstable. In the end, old fashioned chan_sip has been very stable and happy to work with Below, is a shot of my current working system:

Current Working Incredible PBX notice sip (chan_sip) are enabled and working

Link the Incredible PBX Trunk to Portal Account or Sub Account

Pick the servers

First, Go Here to get best server to use for your location. For me, it was one of these in yellow:

SIP Servers for Pick Closest To You

Check DID POP Numbers

Also, confirm the servers selected are the same for DID Numbers POP entries. This was one thing that cause me much grief before I realized it mattered.

Go Here to confirm POP server addresses configured for each DID
Change DID Pop Numbers
Click the edit as shown in red to change POP servers.
Point of Presence Server selection.

As shown select the correct server that matches what is wanted to be used for SIP connections. Where, it is at the bottom of the page. Main Portal Page

Next, here setup the Trunk according to this link. From testing, SIP is the way to go here. Below, is the initial state of my account.

Initial State of

Setup Incredible PBX on Debian 11

Now, go to IncrediblePBX on Debian 11 using your URL for Incredible PBX found is Step 1 of this article.

Trunks Link

In Incredible, select Connectivity->Trunks. This will bring up the trunks link to configure trunks within the application. Ok, now select Add Trunkand select IAX2 Trunk from the sub selections provided.

Main Screen

Below, here is the setup. Important, setup the Trunk Name. I set the Outbound CallerID to help me remember and at least provide that one if no upstream CID is provided. Also, General is almost 100% the same in every flavor of trunk setups from IAX to SIP.

Main SIP Trunk Page in Incredible PBX on Debian

SIP Settings

Important IAX Note Trunk Name

According to, it has to be set to voipms. So, now it limits IAX to one trunk. Anyway, for this basic setup it will work. See, this is what cause Old Info below. Why? well at first I just named it whatever I wanted as I missed requirement to name it “voipms”.

Peer Details

Tunk Name and PEER Details

Outgoing setting, it can be found here. Next take above in blue and place it in PEER Details section. Now, for Trunk Name I usually just use the same name as it is on the General tab. Below in blue is the example setting to use in PEER Details. Note, remove :<bla bla bla> in below example and replace with correct info.

username=;<Put account XXXXX or sub account XXXXXX_X here>
secret=;<account or sub account password>
host=;<Closest SIP Server to you>
Critical Customization You Need To Do
  • username – set according to your account or sub account.
  • secret – associated (sub) account password found in
  • host – SIP server closest to you. Again, found here.

Incoming Tab

So, now it is time for Incoming. So go to the Incoming tab. Ok, remove any text in USER Context and USER Details sections. Finally, put Register String from the below blue section and adjust for your configuration.

Below, this is an example of a config same as in PEER configure to your needs.

Critical Items in Register String

(sub)accountnum – set according to your account or sub account. It is the account number like username above.
secret – associated (sub) account password found in
host – SIP server closest to you. Again, found here.

Important to keep “:” and “@” characters

Remember, this is formatted with “:” and “@” in the Register String. So, Keep the “:” between (sub)accountnum and secret. As well as, “:” between host and 5060 (port). THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!

Well, that is it for the trunk. Once done, click the submit button. Trunk Submit Button. Oh, also hit the apply configuration button at the top right of the trunks page. Apply Config Button. Finally, that completes the configuration between and your Incredible PBX.

See, it is now configured on

Account Registered in for my config

Setup Extension in Incredible PBX

Incredible PBX Extensions Link

Easy right, extensions are easy when you know what you are doing. So, one thing that I have foune is to use the SIP “Legacy” chan_sip setting. See, chan_pjsip does not seem to work well with Cisco ATA device. Also, “Legacy” sip work for both app and Cisco this way so that is what I used.

Setup Inbound Routes

Where is Inbound Routes Config
The Very Basic Inbound Routes

Outbound Routes

Finally, last part of the configuration. So, for this article. I am keeping it simple. However, more to come on this in the future. Base setup, well it works. However, it is very incomplete. Now, for a simple setup this is as far as needed. However, for many more complex setups will be needed. Anyway, more to come on that in future posts.

Where is Outbound Routes Located?
Very Basic Setup of Outbound Routes

Again, outbound routes will be expanded later. However, for a very basic setup this will work. Overall, more on this section in future posts. For now, that is the file config so for now this will get IncrediblePBX Debian 11 Part 2 setup and working. Overall, more on this configurations in the future.

Final Thoughts

Old Info

So, I am still working through some issues with Incredible PBX in Debian 11. What wrong? Well, It is not allowing inbound calls. However, when writing this initially I only tested outbound and they are working fine. So, I am currently debugging the issue with inbound. Older version Incredible PBX in Debian 10 works fine. So, for now I will add the same info on this too. Maybe, with the comparison between Debian 11 and Debian 10 Configurations I can figure out something.

New Info

So for one DID it works great! For multiple DID’s and trunks it is sucking right now; as, only one can dial in right now. So, for now One DID is easy and this article (IncrediblePBX Debian 11 Part 2) it works. However, I am attempting to get the SIP figured out. So, will update that with a separate article once I have it figured out a little more.

Forgot To show final screenshot of

See, All is Registered on

Please Comment

Want better content? Help me, I am only writing IncrediblePBX Debian 11 Part 2 to help. If there is more info that is needed I need to know what people need. For now, I am giving what I think is needed only. So, add to this conversation!!!

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