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Flakes Lack Logic 1984 Lives

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Ok, look at the latest on all of the information is going on with the senate filibuster. It proves one thing “Liberals” work in lockstep. Furthermore, in this lockstep Flakes lack logic and often waffle on ideals to fit the liberal agenda. Also, if one of the “Liberals” fall out of line and act “Democratic” “Liberals” are not afraid to throw them under the bus. Look at what they have done to “Democratic” Sen. Joe Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema. What? well call them racists of coarse. Wow, that is a stretch! They are the only two “Democratic” senators willing to break the party line on this crazy legislation! So, 1984 is a book from Orwell. think on this for a minute:


1984 – By Orwell

Finally, I have included the link to Orwell’s 1984 at libcom.

What is the filibuster?

Simply put, a supermajority that is some amount over 50 percent. This has been a hyperbolic issue in the senate well before it was ever enacted in 1800’s. To be exact, it was implemented in 1806 and first used in 1837. The exact makeup of the supermajority has changed over the years. However, it typically hovers around the 60 percent mark as it is now. That is, 60 out of 100 senators have to agree to pass the legislation. Ending the filibuster would put the passage of rules at the 51 out of 100 which is a “simple majority”.

Why is this such a hot issue now?

Well, it is simple. The “Liberals” want to pass some bills that fall right on the party lines. In other words, “Republicans”; yes even the “RINO’s”, will not help pass the bills at this time. Flakes lack logic, or do they just want to get their highly progressive and liberal agenda passed? Here are some of the legislation held up:

H.R. 1: For the People Act

Aka: “Voter rights bill”

This horrid; sorry I cannot believe this bill is even a hot button topic!!! Basically claims “states are enacting unfair voting rules. This in turn suppresses the votes of some “Americans”. Ok, look at from a few different perspectives. Liberals claim it is hard for some groups to get an photo Id. Republicans claim it is provided in every state without any unusual restrictions. Ok, this is getting to long. Simply put Liberas call it racist to ask for a Photo ID. Not to oversimplify, then how is it legal to as for photo id with the Vaccine Mandate in states like Washington D.C and New York?

H.R. 5: The Equality Act

Aka:“Kill religious freedoms bill”

So, it is a LGBTQ+ whatever else they want to add later… Equity bill that specifically target religious opposition towards this “community”. Sorry, this is another crazy bill trying to tear at the fabric of traditional American family values. So, good that it is held up!

H.R. 6: The American Dream and Promise Act

Aka: “Dreamers get citizenship bill”.

Wow, another attempt at the “Dreamers” to get citizenship. Well if they followed the process of citizenship then we would not even have to worry about this stupid bill. By the way, as an American you should see the hoops it takes to get citizenship! Why not pass legislation that actually fixes that process? Then, this issue fall off as a mute point. For now, it is both difficult and costly to actually become a citizen of this country. Especially, if it is involving marriage. So, Ilar Omar should be pushing hard on changing that part of the process. It is reported, she married her brother to get citizenship in the US.

H.R. 7: The Paycheck Fairness Act

Aka: “Require companies reason why the “”discrepancies”” act”

See, more big government. With this bill, businesses must provide protections against any retaliation in pay discrepancies a employee requests proof of pay discrepancies.

H.R. 8: The Bipartisan Background Checks Act

Aka:”More gun control bill”

Oh great, make it harder for an actual citizen of this country to get a gun. Why? Does any of these rules actually impact criminals? No, think they care about getting a gun through legit channels. Hell no!

H.R. 9: The Climate Action Now Act

Aka:”Climate carbon score bill”

So, this is the start of the social credit score system. Yes, we are slowly moving towards a social credit score much like China and this bring back items to impose further Paris Climate Agreement restrictions.

H.R. 987: The Strengthening Health Care and Lowering Prescription Drug Costs Act

This one on the surface appears to be all about lowering drug costs which is good. It is the fine print that get ugly. That is furthering the Obama care act and pressing us closer and closer to socialized medical system. So, What is wrong with that? Well for one, look at what happened to elderly in New York under the “Liberal” Mayor Cuomo. Also, this occured in Michigan under “Liberal” Whitmer too. Yes, both are fox news but there are many liberal sources on this as well.

H.R. 1585: The Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act

Aka: “Even more gun restrictions bill”

Another great on the surface but the fine print will kill ya bill. Hey it is like so many others “Liberals” are great a word salad. We cannot let the title fool us!

H.R. 1644: The Save the Internet Act

Aka:”Big Government in the internet”

Yes, yet another bill to hide the impact big government would have on controlling our communications.

Wow what a list! See, this is why Flakes Lack Logic 1984 Lives!

Yes, that is quite a bit of legislation that is help up! However, when looking at the fine print of most of it the focus is on big government. Furthermore, I am a small government believer! See, as far as I can tell the federal government is already too big. So, do we need any of these bills? Well, “Liberals” say yes, “Republicans” say no, “RINO’s” flip flop! Overall, giving the government any more power right now seems very dangerous. Sorry, I just do not see any benefit for true Americans. It appears, the “Liberals” are really worried about their agenda falling apart before the 2022 midterms. Ask yourself, what is the real reason the liberals want to change the rules of the game just before halftime? For me, I think they are scared of losing the midterms. So, the question is do you let someone change the rules mid-game? No, so why should this happen for the filibuster? Maybe, the problem is not the filibuster but the “Progressive” agenda to rework the fabric of America. Overall, it is obvious Flakes lack the votes. Sorry, get the votes in 2022!

Flip-flop lockstep, Flakes Lack Logic and are inconsistent

First, “liberals” cannot even decide what side of the belief they are on the filibuster. For example, one minute they’re for the next minute they’re against it they have no idea what’s going on. Ok, Levins article picks mostly on Biden. However, he has flip flopped on so many things. Look at the mandates, fist he was against then he was for them. When is this gonna end? For one, it will get better once we get a Republican in the White House. That is, a true republican that stands for America. Furthermore, I really hope Disantize runs! Finally, we must take the House and Senate in 2022.

Midterms 2022, Flakes get it they are in trouble!

One final note, I see this filibuster so hot also because the “Liberals” want to continue to impact voter results in 2022. See, there are many aspects of some of the bills they want enacted to keep the 2020 feel to the election. Hey, something was not right about 2020 and we should use some 2020 hindsight and make sure nothing like this ever happens again! Comon Man, let make sure all legal and legit people can vote! Furthermore, it an American right not a universal right! So, if you want to vote become an American citizen! Finally, see why See this is why Flakes Lack Logic 1984 Lives! Remember, the progressive agenda is socialism not free market capitalism. America, it was built on capitalism and that bothers the liberals. They lack logic in every aspect of society that is why they want Totalitarian control of the government. To finalize, the above bills bring them closer to that total power they crave! Therefor, Flakes lack logic because they will destroy the very fabric of this country if they are allowed to continue!

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