Kristi Noem shown on latest Forbes youtubeKristi Noem shown on latest Forbes youtube

What a unanimous decision to add COVID 19 "vaccination" to immunization for schools???

South Dakota and Florida has already pushed against this!!! Thank you Kristi Noem and Ron Desantis! I am glad I live is South Dakota!!!

Thank you Noem!!!

Oh, Forbes is sucky but they were the first to brake this story on screwyoutube!!! So here it is!

Notice the screen shot below

Forbes makes Kristi Noem look like a clown

I am not sure if they did this on purpose but they could have used the play button to look like a clown nose on Kristi. Hey, what do you expect from the Libtards.

Just wanted to point out the hidden messaging that these "News" orginizations use!

Also here is a link to a local copy to the Forbes video if for some reason it should be removed from screwyoutube. Also, I should have sound much more happy but I cannot beleave this is even a topic at this point!!!

Here is info on Florida

Why Did the CDC do this?

Well, that is an interesting question! Maybe, they did it to help protect big pharma from liability!

See this nice article about it:

Or this sharper article here:

Or watch the Bongino web cast especially around 6:32

I also have some of the Bongino Video

I really hope people finally wake up!!! How much more stupid crazy is required before people finally wake up!!!

Also, from tucker today here is a video on this CDC COVID vote.

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